1 on 1 Consultation

The entertainment industry although beautiful and amazing can also become daunting and hard and for such extra re-assurance, doubt clearance and independent support it is that you can now hire a one-on-one personal consultant to provide you specific professional advice, referrals and guidance on show business in relation to all branches of the entertainment industry.

- Tying to seek options for professional representation in Australia for any artist category.
- Doing business with and dealing with Asian, Indian, Latino and European territories.
- Creating your CV, bio, resume, pitch and tag story line for the Australian demographic.
- Needing specific referrals and genuine direct links to your target industry markets.
- Private guidance in regards to a specific job and possible resolution of conflict.
- Checking if you have truly received fair quotes from suppliers in the industry.
- New to Australia with a legal visa with the right to work and trying to settle as an artist
- Wishing to switch from a good dancer towards a professional or high profile dancer
- Managing your performance fees and knowing what to charge for a respective job
- Looking for networks to collobarate with or exchange services to get yourself started
- Wanting motivation for a target goal or just needing a 2nd or 3rd opinion on something

Rates are $150 per hour within Sydney or $100 per hour within Central Coast